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Интересная личность: любитель-шахматист в Internet Chess Club

Он американец, живет в Вашингтоне и играет в ICC:

Statistics for pythagorus On for: 10 Idle: 0

              rating [need] win  loss  draw total   best
Wild            1627  [6]     1     4     0     5                     
Loser's         1568  [6]     0     2     0     2                     
Bughouse        1491  [6]     5    13     0    18                     
Crazyhouse      1616  [6]     0     1     0     1                     
Bullet          1492  [8] 10080 16997  1957 29034   1933 (21-Feb-2001)
Blitz           1854      29581 31934  5201 66716   2241 (27-Feb-2006)

Standard        1979  [6]    28    22     8    58   2018 (27-Jun-2013)
3-minute        1348  [8]     0     1

1: hello I'm a philosophy professor, social justice activist, and thoroughly mediocre, but enthusiastic chess player
2: the ongoing destruction of Palestinian society is one of the great crimes of the late 20th century, and Americans are paying for it.
3: Americans are also paying for an empire that is going to lead to unimaginable human suffering.
4: It is our duty to oppose it.
5: Corporate sponsorship will not save professional chess. The problem is that you have to be a player to enjoy watching, unlike other professional
sports, so there isn't enough of a fan base for profitable advertising. This won't change
6: the same is true for lots of valuable things that require a major investment of time to appreciate - much music and art, philosophy, non-applied mathematics, etc.

7: 3-0 is 3-0, not increment. If you lose on time in a drawn position, you lost. You played slower and lost. Really, don't complain.
8: Thanks to all the people on ICC who play and give me an excuse to escape the world for a while. (As for those on my noplaylist, well, you were all outrageously rude at one time or another.)
9: my real passions in life are thinking about things like the nature of language, normativity, understanding and logic.
10: that, and my incredible daughter and my wife.
Tags: america, good_foreigners, sport
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