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Великолепный образчик формулировки американской мечты: Разумеется, омерзительнейшая пропаганда

Очень интересный текст и интересная видеоиллюстрация представления о том, что судьба человека находится в его собственных руках -- идея столь же ложная, сколь подлая.

Всё это на языке вероятного противника, который, ребята, надо выучить наконец, если вы этого еще не сделали! (Конечно, стоило бы привести здесь перевод, но некогда.)

0:05 You know, when you look at somebody and they’re really successful
0:10 and you‘re just like, whoa.. I mean, look at them, they’re so amazing, they’re genius..
0:19 but see, you got to remember one thing, that those successful people are rewarded in public for what they have practiced for years in private.
0:26 They earned through long uncertain lonely and sleepless nights.
0:30 Success is not easily attained my friend..
0:33 Anything you get in life has to be earned through hard work, sacrifices, and persistence.
0:39 And there aren’t any shortcuts to success. So stop looking for the overnight success!
0:44 The only thing that’s going to make you happy my friend, in this year or the next,
0:48 is to step up!
0:50 Discover what you’re capable of and feel that incredible power pushing through whatever is holding you back
0:56 and get to the other side of more of your true self.
1:00 Remember, only one person is responsible for the quality of the life you live,
1:04 and that is YOU! It is you and only you who will get you where you want to go, no one else!
1:10 The only thing that stands between you and your dream is the WILL to try..
1:17 Hold yourself to a higher standard,
1:19 realize that you’re here for a purpose.
1:21 You might die tomorrow, you might die in six weeks, you might die in six months or you might die in six years.
1:27 It doesn’t matter how long you going to live,
1:30 but, what matters is how you’re going to live while you’re here.
1:34 Stop wasting your valuable time.
1:36 If you want something, you got to be relentless.
1:38 You got to discover the purpose of your life and ask yourself “why am I here?”
1:42 You got to know what that is for you because that is what will help you make the decision.
1:48 That will give you the motivation to get up early and stay up late!
1:52 You want to make something big?
1:54 It's going to take some time, it’s going to take effort, hard work, and dedication.
1:59 Stop Googling stuff, and stop looking at your Facebook.
2:01 Stop checking all that *** that you’re not suppose to be checking
2:05 and start focusing on what is important in order for you achieve your goal.
2:09 The easiest thing in the world is to be distracted.
2:12 And being successful is often deciding that you’re not going to fall for the distractions.
2:18 You want success in life, then try to take responsibilities.
2:22 The moment you take responsibility of your life is the moment everything shifts.
2:27 Decide that no one else is responsible for your success
2:31 and that puts the power in your hands.
2:33 You got to want to succeed, as bad as you want to breathe, and then you will be successful!
2:39 One of the things about life is that..
2:42 You’re going to get hurt, you’re going to make some mistakes, you’re going to fail your way to success,
2:46 but you gotta be willing to push yourself. You got to keep pushing forward.
2:50 You got to be willing to challenge yourself by putting yourself in perpetual state of discomfort.
2:57 If you really want to be successful, some days you’re going to have to stay up three days in a row!
3:01 Because if you go to sleep, you might miss the opportunity!
3:05 That’s how bad you gotta work toward success.
3:08 Remember, pain is temporary,
3:11 but if you quit, however,
3:13 it will last forever!
3:16 There will never be a point in your life, where is the right time for you to do a great thing.
3:22 You have to create the perfect time and the perfect opportunity.
3:26 You have this opportunity of a lifetime.
3:29 It means absolutely nothing, if you don’t take advantage of it.
3:33 Success is blind and has no senses.
3:36 It cannot find you unless you use all your skills to capture and conquer it.
3:41 Keep in mind that everyday you waste is the day you’ll never get back!
3:47 And remember, you got to do what you love,
3:49 because you only become truly accomplished at something you love.
3:54 Don’t make money your goal.
3:56 Instead, pursue the things you love doing
3:58 and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you!
4:05 Now get yourself off the chair or whatever you're on, write a plan and take action.
4:10 Mark your target and strike!
4:13 Giving up is not an option.
4:14 And you will never fail, if you never give up.
4:17 One day, you will be proud of yourself
4:20 and know that all the sacrifices you made to reach your goal were all worth it at the end.
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