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Мануэл Саркисянц, "Английские вдохновители Гитлера"

Никогда не слышал про этого автора; спасибо, magic_garlic рассказал о нем.

Как выяснилось, он, которого рецензент упомянутой в заголовке книги назвал последним немецким интеллектуалом, испытывал чрезвычайные трудности с публикацией своих книг в Германии, Англии, США. Да и сейчас в "Амазоне" из актуальных книг есть только книги на немецком языке.

Цитата из рецензии на книгу:

He has the interesting idea that Bolshevism was the outcome of Christianity (an idea expressed by Blok during the Revolution, in a poem called The Twelve as far as I remember), while Nazism was the outcome of Humanism (a view expressed somewhere by C.C. O'Brien, I think). I don't know if Sarkisyanz has developed this contrast anywhere, but I can see that there is a case for it. And it is in accordance with the easy transition from capitalist democracy to Fascism—and from Fascism back to capitalist democracy in the case of Spain—while a comprehensive rupture always marked the transition from capitalist democracy to Bolshevism, and no state of the Bolshevik kind ever made the easy transition to capitalist democracy that was made by Spain. Christianity is only the humbug of the capitalist state, and a state forged in earnest through the spirit of Christianity must be dysfunctional in the Christian capitalist world.

(Переведу позже.)
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