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Коммик, Just Коммик
November 14th, 2015
02:30 am


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Какой великолепный слог!
По поводу западного злорадства в связи с крушением самолета на Синае (выделение моё):

I see, too, that the scum at Charlie Hebdo have added their vile talents to the all too plain Western celebration of this tragedy, then had the filthy impudence to criticise Putin as a ‘dictator’ or some such crap, because his spokesman complained of the psychotic lack of empathy. You can really see the true nature of Western elites, evil, psychopathic, murderous, narcissistic, more and more every day. For a while the glorious West seemed content merely with ignoring the Sinai tragedy, but the note of gloating and barely suppressed satisfaction, particularly, as these harridans illustrate, in relation to MH17, is growing. And one wonders if the Western ‘intelligence’ forces will ever publish a recording of the terrorist ‘chatter’ they claim to have recorded, re the crash, unless, of course, it was merely the Western created liver-eaters reporting success to their Masters.

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