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Joseph Stalin and all that

Dear suejc3dogs,

I have not forgotten my promise to tell you of what's wrong in the conventional view of Stalin, and I am ashamed it's taken so long just to get started. I cannot afford to write much (time is limited), but to deal with the subject in a few words is extremely difficult.

However, let me try. These will be pretty common considerations, but, I hope, they will be mental tools you will be able to apply yourself.

The main problem is: the same word can have different meanings, and different words can mean the same.

For example, killing. This word can be applied to self-defence, executing a serial murderer, or a murder for profit. From the other hand, some killings, say, in a war, are called not killings but a fight for freedom.

Therefore, a killing itself is neither evil nor good. You must consider the context.

All the mass deception about the Stalin's rule is based on distortion or silencing the context, to say nothing of horrible exaggerations. (You know now very well that even American presidents can be pathetic liars.)

You don't mind people kill each other in wars, defending themselves. So Russia and Stalin, in particular, were at war. Not only in 1941-1945 during the German invasion, but well before this period. And the life and death of the whole country was at stake: during both the German aggression and before it.

Don't let spin doctors hypnotize you with common words! Better still, don't try to judge things you know not much about.
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