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Коммик, Just Коммик

March 23rd, 2006

March 23rd, 2006
10:08 am


Заповедь "Не убий"
Заповедь эта не тривиальна, но я не видел нигде удовлетворительной ее интерпретации. Как она согласуется с тем, что православные священники не только не выказывают сожаления по поводу участия православных в войнах, но и сами благославляют православное воинство? Я спросил об этом как-то одного православного священника, и он быстро ответил: "Особый случай", сделав вид, что у него не было возможности в тот момент вдаваться в подробности.

Между тем, я полагаю, в Православии она должна пониматься буквально: нельзя убивать даже в целях самообороны или обороны близких, поскольку, если мы не защищаем себя, мы теряем телесную жизнь, но обретаем жизнь вечную. Если же защищаем себя убийством -- сохраняем свое тленное тело, но теряем бессмертие души.

То, как, по моему мнению, эту заповедь интерпретируют евреи, я описал здесь: Так говорил Моисей.

Интересно, однако услышать другие интерпретации -- и православные, и мусульманские, и иудаистские.

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01:24 pm


Let's talk to an interesting and interested American lady!
The start of the discussion can be found here (thanks to talibanych for the reference). It was more about the PREVED-saying bear, but we'd better switch to a more exciting subject.

suejc3dogs: Are you really a neostalinist or is that just a nickname? Could you explain?

stalinist: Of course, I could! Yes, I am a new-born neostalinist! I hate democracy -- such an ugly means to manipulate and dumb down the sheeple!

I realized recently, that comrade Stalin was the greatest political leader of all times and all peoples! There has never been a better ruler for the Russian people, and, I am sorry to say, probably will never be.

Look at Russia -- such a great country just 20 years ago! What has become of her thanks to its modern-day real and genuine democracy!

suejc3dogs: I am not familiar enough with your history to comment. I consider myself a sort of democratic socialist.

Certainly rampant, unregulated capitalism, coupled with a social system bereft of education, medical services, child care services and all of the other things necessary for survival and growth of the mind and body is a horrible foundation for "democracy". It's what we have here and it stinks.

I do not consider the majority of people stupid, but it does appear that the majority do tend to follow than lead. A better education and less fear would certainly help.

I am not in favor of jailing and executing those whom the ruling party considers annoying, or "in the way", which is what has happened in too many nations, large and small, including yours and mine.

I have no fixed idea on how to build Utopia, but it seems to me that the less people have to fear the more generous, helpful, thoughtful, cooperative and loving they become.

Thanks for your explanation.

stalinist: I do not consider the majority of people stupid (The quotations are presented in italic).

1. Clever/stupid -- these are relative notions.

You know, the Americans tend to be very mechanistic: they consider the man as a complicated machine, or, nowadays, a computer with a great deal of Teraflops and Terabytes.

Do you know the theory behind the IQ test? It was the assumption that all the people think the same way, but some people think faster, than the others. This is a very typical American idea: collect a big enough number of people, give them enough time, and they will create the Theory of Relativity. Wrong! You need just one man, but it must be an Einstein, to do this!

So the difference in mental abilities between different people is not quantitative, but qualitative. For any man, there is a mental barrier he will never cross.

2. However, this is not even the most important. Let's assume all the people are smart in the same degree. You are as smart as I am, and both of us are as smart as Bush is.

In what way do we differ? In our knowledge. You can get as much knowledge as I have, I can do the same. Nevertheless, your knowledge is different from mine, and we hardly can combine both of our sets of knowledge in our heads: our knowledge capacity is limited. Say, you are a doctor and I am a physicist, but I hardly can be a good physicist AND a good doctor at the same time.

Now, the state governance requires a professional. If you are a good doctor, you cannot be a good statesman at the same time: to be the latter, you must (i) get the proper formal education, and (ii) have access to all the state-related matters including the top-secret ones.

Even to be able to competently judge the state affairs, you must be a full-time politician! Otherwise you digest the crap you are fed by the state propaganda machine -- not because you are stupid, but because it is physically impossible for a non-professional to follow all the complicated political issues, even if you would like to do so.

This proves that democracy is a populist self-delusion, not a way to govern a country.

My favorite metaphor of democracy is a democracy in a kindergarten. Children are not stupid, but they lack knowledge and experience to make reasonable decisions.

Stalin's atrocities -- to be continued.

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04:51 pm


О настоящих энтузиастах
Поскольку я бойкотирую местную кабельную телевизионную сеть, я установил на крыше полутораметровый волновой канал на трехметровой мачте. Телевизионный прием на эту антенну из ближайшего метрополиса (около 100 км) меняется от хорошего до удовлетворительного. Поэтому я ищу антенну получше.

И вот какую рекомендацию я нашел. Вначале автор описывает, как он применил двойную антенну, а потом приводит спектрограммы:

Я использовал спектральный анализатор Hewlett-Packard 8591E (каждый зритель цифрового телевидения должен иметь такой).

(Задумчиво) Американе тоже разные бывают...

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