February 21st, 2014

Рецензия на фильм "3 Days to Kill (2014) " -- хорошо излагает, собака!

5 Days to Herniate in the Cinema Stall
16 February 2014 | by (Canada) – See all my reviews

This honker dunks flesh in your popcorn bag. 5 days to herniate in the cinema stall. Living off soggy nibs and sausages for years, this trinket is a sickening clunk of pretentiousness. Begging, uninspired and passionless rhythm for entertainment and screeching a yield for better busts in movie houses around. This thing, cause its not a piece of film work, is a clunking whore in the cheapest joint around, from know womb of cinematic flesh. Born in the radiance of unseasoned poppies and unflavoured folk, nothing more and nothing less than a colossal entrapment of unforgettable insanity of horrid inspiration.

Yeah, go see it if your insane. But if you do, make sure your insane, even if you like it, you should probably trek to your nearest Medical centre immediately and talk to a doctor about a drug prescription to make you think clearly. He'll recommend marijuana, but that's just you. Right? Anyone who enjoyed this, talk to me. I may be able to help you out, maybe so maybe not.


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