Коммик (stalinist) wrote,

"Если вы покончите со шлюхами, мир будет содрогаться от похоти"

Вопрос любознательным: какому весьма известному и почтенному человеку принадлежат эти слова?

Ответ: Ultimately, there is no need to resolve the debate about whether prostitution is merely a seedy business or a whether people who appear to be acting on their own volition are really engaged in hurtful activity. St. Thomas Aquinas addressed the issue with the following: "those who are in authority, rightly tolerate certain evils, less certain goods be lost, or certain greater evils be incurred." He cites Augustine: "If you do away with harlots, the world will be convulsed with lust."
Tags: wisdom, words

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