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Уникальное явление последних нескольких десятилетий: богатство-мираж

В последние годы в Северной Америке и, наверное, в Европе и уж, конечно, в Израиле можно наблюдать множество людей, который ведут себя, как богатые: они покупают дорогие дома, дорогие машины и т.п. При этом, поразительным образом, они богатыми совсем не являются. Вот как описывается это в одной статье:
Consider a man (we will call him Frank), Frank is 28 years old and got out of college about 5 years ago. He was a good student but like many got through school on student loans. For five years he has worked hard and paid minimums on his loans while climbing the corporate ladder. He also met his wife, got married and now is about to buy his first house. He buys a house with a payment of 25% of their income, nicely inside the limit of 28%. Frank and his wife start a family, take vacations, use credit cards, have kids and live the “American dream.”

He keeps getting promoted so they upgrade the home (everyone is doing it). Frank is no fool; he has a financial adviser who he meets with for checkups twice a year. The advisor is comfortable with his debt because he is putting money in his IRA/401K like a “smart investor.” Frank even suggests at times reducing contributions to increase his available cash and pay off debt but is advised to think “long term and stay the course.”

Everyone looking at Frank from the outside sees his success, two new cars, and great kids in all sorts of activities. One car is a huge SUV so mom can take the kids to soccer, etc. He has a beautiful house, successful career and seems to be living a perfect life. Yet inside his financial body all the debt is compounding exponentially and it is spreading too. He gets a home equity loan, pays off some credit cards because it is “smart.” After all he cuts the interest rates and the interest becomes a tax deduction. Unfortunately in time the credit card balances go right back up and end up even higher then before.

More promotions come and more debt with them, trading up cars, now leasing them (it’s what wealthy people do according to his financial adviser) so he can trade them in every 2–3 years. Everything is going just fine, minimal payments are made with ease and then the first symptom begins. His wife take a break from shopping and does a bit of math and realizes that now at the age of 45 she and her husband will be 65 by the time all their debts are paid off if and only if they stop spending now.

... и.т.д.

Фокус в том, что у многих ничем не замечательных людей вдруг появилась возможность брать в долг баснословные деньги с перспективой остаться совершенно безнаказанными в случае, если они не в состоянии вернуть свой долг.

Вот такое призрачное богатство, ничем не отличимое от настоящего. Наверное, это тоже один из признаков паразитизма западного мира...
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