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Самоирония евреев -- такое не часто встретишь!

Статья об актере по имени Alan Rickman (извините, переводить лень):

We have a problem.
We really like Alan Rickman, especially when he's playing a villain. From "Die Hard" to "Robin Hood" to "Dogma" to "Harry Potter". Even "Love, Actually". Yeah, we admit it. We liked "Love, Actually", and we liked Alan Rickman in it.

You have a problem with that?

Actually, it seems like a lot Jews DO have a problem with it. To wit, the following descriptions of Rickman by our fellow Jews: "Anti-semite". "Douchebag". "Channeling his inner Hitler".

And why?

Apparently Rickman wrote, directed, and produced a one-woman play that is supposedly anti-Israeli, which leads to it obviously being anti-semitic, which leads to it being the worst thing since Mein Kampf.


We haven't seen the play, nor are we planning to. (One-woman performances are not exactly our cup of tea. Actually, one-man performances really aren't, either.) And we could spend the next decade discussing how being critical of Israel is not exactly the same as being anti-semitic. But...

Well, we can't help but be a little let down. It seems we only really liked Rickman when he was a fictional villain instead of a real-life one.

Забавна статья про Монику Левинскую:

Monica Lewinski is a living embodiment of our worst stereotype, live and in full color on the ten o'clock news. We were trying to keep her kind secret from the goyim and there she goes making us national news. Now we're greedy, short, guilt-giving AND empty-headed sluts? Wonderful.

А Jason-то Biggs вообще не еврей! Чудны дела Твои, Господи...
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