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Качественная статья о Ливии

Написал ее Eric Margolis -- хоть и рыжий, и еврей, но хороший!

Shock, Awe and Deja Vu in Libya. But What’s the Plan, Mr. President?

Да, кстати, товарищи, обратите внимание, как пишется слово "Ливия" на языке потенциального противника:


Кстати, либертарианцы с американского сайта (anti-state, anti-war, pro-market) единодушны в осуждении войны -- только сегодня три первые статьи посвящены дельной и точной критике агрессии. Вот слог подполковника в отставке американских ВВС Karen Kwiatkowski:

I really didn’t see Washington’s unconstitutional war on Libya coming. I guess I thought the plate was too full with other merciless, lawless, visionless military deployments around the world, what with the lack of even enough fiat money to continue running the DC establishment and the pending collapse of the dollar.
America the Beautiful is today a value-free, gender-neutral, equal opportunity warrior state, and not a thing – not a constitution, not international law, not ongoing financial collapse, not public opinion nor the moral voices and religious houses of this country – can change it.
America is a military and financial services empire, directed by an elite consensus resident in a few East Coast cities. It is financially unsustainable, compulsively grasping, warlike, despotic at home and a dominatrix abroad.

Но либертарианцы -- не самое многочисленное племя в Америке.
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