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Некоторые интересные сведения про Ayn Rand

Взято из отзывов на фильм Atlas Shrugged: Part I (2011).

1. That she admired a murderer, well she did.

(hey if you're not going to provide any links, me neither).

She died taking advantage of social security and medicare, and yet politicians who call her their hero would like to deny other Americans that service. I'd say that's a good reason for some people to hate not Ayn Rand the woman (she's dead), but Ayn Rand the myth.

2. What's scary about this is the way Rand is viewed by her defenders here as some sort of L Ron Hubbard-esque cult leader. To them, Rand can do no wrong, and never DID any wrong. I'd love to hear how her cultists explain away her anti-Arab racism, her blind unquestioning support of Israel no matter what horror or war crime they committed, her revolting homophobia and her support of the genocidal atrocities committed against the native peoples of North America. It's all there in her own hateful words. All of this is true, but you won't find her sheep-like followers admitting that.

Rand's ability to make common sense and very VERY old concepts that she stole and reworded sound like revelations from a genius is impressive, also. She had the chutzpah to declare that one of her most important contributions to philosophy was her 'discovery' that "in politics evil, the violation of rights, (as if that was all evil was even in this small area) consists of the initiation of force." Gee, really. What an insightful observation. Pity that people have known that as a blatantly self-evident truth since the days of Aristotle, otherwise she might be entitled to claim this as her own idea. She also gave us the amazing revelation that people, given the chance, will take more than they are entitled to from any given thing. Wow. Deep. What next? "The sky is blue"?

And the Randroids also can't explain away why this champion of liberty and freedom in all things (unless you're a dirty Arab or a stinking Native Anerican) enthusiastically participated in ratting on innocent people who dared to hold non-right-wing views. I speak of the House Un-American Activities atrocity of the 40s and 50s. She voluntarily testified in October 1947, and her testimony is one long torrent of slander, unproven allegations, and flat out lying. Rand was only too keen to froth at the mouth about completely non-existent Communist conspiracies and defame people far wiser, more talented and more dedicated to truth and justice than her. After even the Yanks decided that the HUAC thing was a bit, er, criminal and neo-Nazi in tone, and stopped the hateful farce...she wouldn't admit she made a huge mistake. Note her weak attempts to justify her libel and base treachery once it became fashionable to not think HUAC was a good idea.

Try and spin that stuff, Randroids. Every word of it is true, and that's just the tip of the iceberg from this arrogant, dishonest crypto-fascist. You know you're dealing with a lunatic and a false prophet when you hear said person call the great philosopher Immannuel Kant - whose belief in rationality, social justice, and a strong constitutional framework for government aimed at preventing despotism and inequality flies in the face of Objectivism's fetish for disguised avarice, self-interest as an end in itself, solipsism and the total abandonment of the poor to their "deserved" fate - the worst man who ever lived. You ignorant, pompous, cold-blooded, lying Nazi bitch.
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