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Physicist msheaf (FICS): "Man-made global warming is a hoax"

A copy of msheaf's finger notes at FICS:

Hello from Cincinnati, Ohio. I am a geophysicist currently working at CFC-Solar.

Man-made global warming is a hoax, just like ozone and acid rain, acid rain being the funniest since all rain is acidic (can't have rain without it being acidic).

Here are the real scientific facts on the global warming "issue" that you probably never heard of before. (Note: scientific facts are easily "reproducible" unlike the proponents’ man-made data.) CO2 does not accumulate in the atmosphere (oops!)! Don’t believe me? Then go measure it for yourself! After all these years of CO2 emissions, CO2 measured levels never reach a single percentage point! Can't have global warming without accumulation of CO2 now, can we?

Chemical analysis shows that more water is produced by burning of fossil fuels and since water cools the atmosphere more than CO2 heats it, burning fuels would result in global cooling. See handbook of modern physics for heat capacity.

See recent scientific paper that compares solar activity to the temperature fluctuations for the last 100 years (text just don’t do it justice enough). It is almost a perfect match. The only rational conclusion is that the solar cycles have more to do with global mean temperatures than anything man is doing.

In conclusion, "In science, there is just physics, the rest is stamp collecting". It would be nice if and when science returned to atmospheric science.

Food for thought. What are you going to do when the magnetic poles reverse their polarity (N points South), which could happen in our lifetimes. Mayans suggest somewhere around 12/21/12 (if you like that kind of thing).

Примечание. Поскольку я не знал, как скопировать текст с консоли FICS, я сделал снимок окна, и после этого мне надо было произвести OCR, который у меня не установлен. К счастью, есть уже такие замечательные "облачные" сервисы, как Free Online OCR, благодаря которым не нужно загромождать домашний компьютер кучами программного дерьма ради одноразового использования.
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